Review: Still Photo by Kim Harnes

Still Photo CoverStill Photo

By: Kim Harnes

Reviewed by Danielle Bryant

You Want to Read/3 Stars

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 Still Photo by Kim Harnes is an interesting read that will keep you captivated to the end. The main character is a love struck tomboy named Jess. In half the book she is a photographer with an outstanding boyfriend. Her life is perfect, but as her photos print with weird smudges on them, Jess finds pieces of a murder scene in the deformed shapes. When Jess finally completes the photo and sees the face of her abusive mother’s murderer, she awakens from a coma. In her awakened world, Jess finds that her perfect life was a 7 year hallucination. All of her school friends and bosses are nurses and doctors of the hospital where she has been detained since age 9. Once awake, she has the devastating realization that if she ever wants to be released and live normally she has to control her anger and give up her imaginary boyfriend forever.

                Still Photo is an intriguing story about the true love of a lunatic. When roused from her comatose state, Jess is overcome with anger spells and often blacks out and loses control. During these bouts she is completely unpredictable and dangerous. I absolutely love how Kim Harnes develops Jess as a character. Tons of authors produce heroes and villains, but Kim Harnes has found the perfect mix of both. The result is a lovable personality with a maniac edge that keeps the story twisted but not to the point where you drop the book altogether. However, I feel that the plot somewhat skipped around, and at times I did not fully understand how something happened in a chapter. Overall, Still Photo is a distinctive book with well thought out settings and developed characters that you won’t soon forget!