INGRID by Lynnette Kraft


Author: Lynnette Kraft
Trailer Creator (and Illustrator): Abigail Kraft
YouTube or equivalent link of the trailer:

Music Credit: Jared Kraft
The vil­lage of Scot is on the brink of change, and its peo­ple are in need of hope, but hearts must first change, and dif­fi­cult sac­ri­fices must be made. Ingrid Har­ri­son is six­teen years old and com­pletely mute. Her silence has become a bar­rier to hap­pi­ness. But will the silence she’s always resented be the voice that changes everything?

Ingrid is a char­ac­ter dri­ven juve­nile fic­tion, espe­cially tai­lored to illus­trate courage, sac­ri­fice and the power of for­give­ness. The back­drop is a charm­ing vil­lage set­ting mixed with a bit of the super­nat­ural. The char­ac­ters are com­plex and lik­able. The story goes places the reader doesn’t expect and the inspi­ra­tion is lasting.