Want to Review Books?


Reviewer Requirements:

You must be 13-17 years of age and have parental consent to review for You Gotta Read YA Reviews.

Reviewers must be able to commit to reviewing at least 1 books per month. Reviews are due one month after the book is sent.

You need to be willing to read e-books – You must be able to read ebooks in PDF and ePub.

Reviewers must join the YGRR YA yahoo group for daily book listings and notifications. (An invitation to the group will be sent to you if you are selected to join our team.)

Reviewers email their reviews to the moderator at yougottaread@gmail.com

New Reviewer Preliminary Period: Only 1 book out at a time.

After the preliminary period you will be able to get more titles at once.

Review positions are unpaid but maybe you can ask your English or Literature teacher for extra credit. (Never hurts to ask right?)

In exchange for your review you get a free book provided by the publisher or author. The book’s cost should never be cause for a sparkling review.  Always give your honest opinion as nicely as possible!  For this site, a review should be based on the book’s merit and your enjoyment of the story. Author bashing is not cool, and not allowed, but it is good to help an author out with information on how they could improve.

Reviews need to be considerate.

You Gotta Read YA Reviews owns the reviews. You may not post your review on other networks with the exception of cross-posting to Amazon and Goodreads.

All YGRR YA reviewers must agree to not distribute any eBooks or ARCs that are provided for review purposes. Pirating is not cool!

It’s against the law to distribute eBooks.

If you distribute an eBook YGRR YA is not responsible.

You are responsible for your own actions and the publisher can come after you with legal action.

By filling out the form below you agree not to distribute any eBook or ARC we provide you with. eBooks and ARC’s are provided for review purposes only. Reviewers in violation will have their YGR access terminated immediately.

If you are interested please send a sample review of a book you recently read.


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